Apple Peeler Corer and Slicer


Make kitchen tasks more enjoyable and a lot easier with the Apple Corer Peeler Slicer combo. This item makes it more convenient and quicker to peel, core and slice a variety of fruits and vegetables for different occasions. Using this kitchen gadget is easy and convenient. Simply fit the sturdy suction cup base of this food slicer onto a flat surface, position the food item on the tool and then turn the handle to peel, core or slice the food item of your choice. The base will keep the item secure so that you may focus on your task. This stainless steel tool also features adjustable blades, allowing you to prepare several different-sized fruits and vegetables. You can slice up apples for a tasty pie or make curly potato fries in a short amount of time.

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<p><b>Apple Peeler Corer and Slicer:</b></p><ul><li>Peel, core and slice, all with a convenient turn of the handle</li><li>Stainless steel adjustable blades</li><li>Suction cup base keeps the device secure and steady as you work</li><li>Apple peeler slicer comes with a 1-year warranty</li><li>Corer and slicer is easy to use</li><li>Food slicer helps you to prepare apples for a pie, make curly potato fries and more</li></ul>


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