Farberware Soft Grips 3 Mesh Strainer, 7″


This Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer is ideal for rinsing and draining various fruits and vegetables, or to scoop and strain foods from liquids. It features a fine stainless steel mesh screen and a lip that will easily slide over pot edges, allowing for hands-free straining. The handle is comfortable and easy to hold. Strainer has a 7-inch diameter. Hand wash only.

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<br><b>Farberware Soft Grips 3 Mesh Strainer, 7"":</b><ul><li>The stainless steel mesh is fine enough to catch even the smallest foods yet still allows all liquids to drain through</li><li>7"" diameter</li><li>Soft comfortable-grip handle</li><li>Hand wash only</li></ul>"


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