Gibson Home Complete Kitchen 38-Piece Combo Set


Get your gadget on with the Kitchen 38-piece combo set. This set has everything but the kitchen sink you’ll use it all with. Every piece is set in bold color, so not only are they durable solutions to simple kitchen needs, but they are also made from the one color that will never go out of style. This set comes complete with everything you need to start a kitchen. From cookware to dinnerware, there’s nothing you won’t find in thid complete Kitchen Set.

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<br><b>Gibson Home Complete Kitchen 38-Piece Combo Set:</b><ul><li>38-piece set</li><li>Two 12 oz glass tumblers</li><li>One 8" aluminum nonstick fry pan</li><li>One 2 qt aluminum nonstick sauce pan with lid</li><li>One 11.4" x 7.5" cutting mat</li><li>3-piece cutlery: 6" chef, 6" bread and 3.5" paring knife</li><li>1 small roasting pan (fits in toaster oven)</li><li>1 pizza pan (fits in toaster oven)</li><li>1 can opener</li><li>1 pizza cutter</li><li>1 solid turner</li><li>1 solid spoon</li><li>1 laddle</li><li>5-piece measuring cups</li><li>5-piece measuring spoons</li><li>2-place setting flatware (fork, spoon and knife)</li><li>Two 10" dinner plates</li><li>Two 6" bowls</li><li>2 travel mugs</li></ul>


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