Mr. Coffee Precision Coffee Grinder With Chamber Maid Cleaning System, IDS77


<p>The Mr. Coffee Precision Coffee Grinder With Chamber Maid Cleaning System gives you freshly ground beans for a fresh cup of coffee every time. Its stylish looks and smart features make it an excellent addition to any kitchen. This electric coffee grinder comes with three precision-grind settings that let you grind the beans to the texture of your choice. You can grind coffee beans from fine to coarse, just as you like it. The grinding chamber can be removed for easy pouring. This Mr. Coffee grinder will grind for up to 12 cups at once. Its wide lid and integrated spout facilitate decanting. The press-and-pour wide lids of this electric coffee grinder make both filling and dispensing easier.</p>

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One of the nicer features of this grinder is its Chamber Maid cleaning system that clears grounds from chamber walls so older, less-than-fresh ground coffee isn’t mixed in with a newly-ground batch. Both the top and grinding chamber of the Mr. Coffee grinder are dishwasher safe.<strong><br>Mr. Coffee IDS77 Electric Coffee Grinder:</strong><ul><li>3 precision-grind settings from fine to coarse</li><li>Exclusive Chamber Maid cleaning system clears grounds from chamber walls</li><li>Electric coffee grinder grinds for 4 to 12 cups</li><li>Removable grinding chamber for easy pouring</li><li>Integrated spout</li><li>Press and pour wide lids make filling and dispensing easier, cleaner</li><li>LED display</li><li>Automatic off</li><li>Dishwasher-safe top and grinding chamber</li><li>Built-in cord storage</li><li>Model No. IDS77</li><li>Also available in Wal-Mart stores</li></ul>


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