Rubbermaid 1776474 Dry Food Container Set, 8 Pieces


<p>The Rubbermaid 8pc Modular Canister Set is an ideal solution for space management problems in kitchens and pantries. Simply remove the ingredients that you require for everyday cooking from their boxes and packets and transfer them into the different-sized canisters. This allows you to streamline counter and cabinet contents, while maximizing your existing space.</p><p>The Rubbermaid 8pc Modular Canister Set includes four canisters with matching lids. The lids close tightly keeping the items fresh and clean. This food canister set is designed in a way to allow for easy gripping and handling purposes, ideal for people with those types of issues.</p>

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The Rubbermaid modular canister set containers have clear bases that allow for easy confirmation of contents. The slim and rectangular design allows the containers to be stacked alongside each, creating more space on your shelves. The containers and the lids are BPA FREE, so they are safe for food storage. They also come with graduation marks for easy measuring.<strong><br>Rubbermaid 8pc Modular Canister Set:</strong><ul><li>The food canister set keeps contents fresh</li><li>Lids snap tight for secure seal</li><li>Comfortable grip for easy handling</li><li>Graduation marks make measuring easy</li><li>Set contents: One 5-cup container and lid, one 10-cup container and lid, one 16 cup container and lid, one 21-cup container and lid</li></ul>


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