The Taylor Digital Timer 5806 can count down to zero or count up to almost 100 minutes. It is constructed with a water-resistant housing. This kitchen digital timer can be used to track cooking times. It can also be used as a timer during a board game. This imported Taylor kitchen timer features an easy-to-read LCD readout and a stand with a built-in magnet and clip. It also comes with one AAA battery.

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<br><b>Taylor 5806 Digital Timer:</b><ul><li>Easy-to-read 0.7" LCD readout</li><li>Times up to 99 min and 59 sec</li><li>Counts up or down</li><li>Water-resistant housing</li><li>Comes with a stand with a magnet and clip</li><li>This Taylor kitchen timer comes with a AAA battery</li><li>Useful kitchen tool</li><li>Can also be utilized as a game timer for board games</li><li>This kitchen digital timer can be used in a variety of timed applications</li><li>Imported</li></ul>


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